Who Needs a Copy of My Will? Insights from Your Andover Estate Lawyer

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Drafting a will is a significant milestone in safeguarding your legacy. But once the ink is dry and your wishes are clearly outlined, a critical question remains: Who should actually have a copy of your will? Let’s unpack this, with advice from an Andover estate lawyer.

The Executor: Your Will’s Administrator  

First and foremost, your executor – the person you’ve designated to carry out the instructions in your will – needs a copy. They’re on the front lines when it comes to executing your estate plan, so ensure they know where your will is at all times.

Your Attorney: The Keeper of Legalities

If you’ve worked with an Andover estate lawyer to create your will, they should retain a copy. This isn’t just for safekeeping; it’s also about having immediate access to your will for legal guidance when the time comes to act on it.

Close Family Members: In the Loop

Your spouse, adult children, or any key relatives who play a significant role in your estate plan should be informed. They don’t necessarily need a physical copy, but knowing where to find one and understanding its contents can prevent confusion and conflict.

Your Financial Advisor: Aligning Assets with Plans

If you have a financial advisor, providing them with a copy of your will ensures that your financial assets are managed in line with your estate plans. They can offer valuable advice on the financial implications of your will and help ensure that your estate is as tax-efficient as possible.

The Guardian of Your Minor Children: For Their Future

When minor children are involved, the appointed guardian should be aware of your plans for their upbringing and care. Although they may not need a full copy of the will, they should be informed about the provisions concerning your children.

Trusted Friends: An External Perspective

Sometimes, it’s wise to keep a trusted friend in the loop. This could be someone who isn’t a beneficiary but whom you trust to ensure your wishes are respected, especially if you suspect potential family disputes.

Safekeeping: Secure and Accessible

Regardless of who has a copy, your original will should be kept in a safe, accessible place. A fireproof safe in your home or a safe deposit box can be good options. Make sure that at least your executor and possibly your Andover estate lawyer know where to find it.

Guidance from Your Andover Estate Lawyer

Navigating the distribution of your will doesn’t have to be a journey you take alone. Our Andover estate lawyers are here to provide the guidance and support you need. Whether it’s determining who should hold a copy of your will or addressing any other estate planning concerns, we’re just a call away. Contact us at 978-409-1928 to schedule a consultation, and rest easy knowing your estate is in capable hands.


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