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Elder Law

Our firm is committed to helping people deal with all of their elder law issues, including planning for or finding assistance with nursing home care costs. We know what is at stake for our clients, and we are dedicated to creating solutions that ensure that all of your elder law needs are met, from nursing home care costs to establishing a conservatorship or guardianship.

Estate Planning

We know that most people are reluctant to take the initial steps in planning for their estates. That is why we work to make the process easy to understand. We will help you understand your options and get to know you so that we can create a plan that meets all of your needs.

Special Needs Planning

Our firm works with the families of children with special needs to ensure that care and financial support for the child will be provided after the parents are gone. Depending on the needs of the child, this planning may include naming a guardian, creating trusts, naming trustees, and appointing care providers.


Many estate plans include some kind of a trust that has a specific purpose, whether it is designed to avoid probate, provide for a minor child or person with a disability, or support a charitable purpose. Our firm assists with contacting beneficiaries, managing, valuing, and marshaling trust assets, paying creditors and final expenses, making distributions, and preparing estate tax returns, in compliance with the terms of the trust.


Sometimes during the estate planning process, you might find that the beneficiaries of your estate need an additional layer of support or protection with regard to their inheritance. When the beneficiary of your estate might need help managing their inheritance or might be too young to manage it, you may decide the best course of action is to establish a probate trust as part of your last will and testament


While guardianship and conservatorship can often be avoided with careful planning, there are times when, no matter how much one plans, the process cannot be avoided. When this happens, our clients can depend on us for assistance with the court process to be appointed, for advice on carrying out their duties, and preparing required court documentation.

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