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Estate planning is not just something that you need to be concerned with when you approach your senior years. Taking responsibility for developing an estate plan is a way that you can lessen the burden on your loved ones while making sure that they are taken care of.

This is especially important for families with young children. You want to know that your children will be in the best hands if anything ever happens to you or their other parent.

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Getting to Know You

At The Law Offices of Kimberly Butler Rainen, we are here to make the process of estate planning as easy as possible for people. We know that most people are reluctant to take the initial steps in planning for their estates. That is why we work to make the process easy to understand. We will help you understand your options and get to know you so that we can create a plan that meets all of your needs.

Our firm offers estate plans that are tailored to your needs and include a wide range of estate planning tools such as:



A will can be the entirety of an estate plan or its cornerstone. It allows you to do so much more than distribute your assets. You can use a will to name who you want to take care of your children as their guardian. A will also indicates the person you have chosen to take care of the probate of your estate.



Trusts offer a variety of advantages such as keeping assets and property out of the probate process which means they are distributed sooner and with less taken out in taxes. There are so many different types of trusts that can be used to serve very specific situations such as special needs trusts.

Health care proxies and durable power of attorney


Who you would trust to make health care decisions for you if you become incapacitated? Your estate plan can be used to let people know who you trust with your major health decisions.

Powers of attorney

No one ever wants to consider the possibility that they may need someone to make major choices for them. If that ever does happen, though, you will need someone to pay your bills and otherwise manage your finances. A power of attorney allows you to choose someone you trust for that role.

Estate Planning Attorney Serving Andover And Throughout Massachusetts

When you decide it is time to begin working on your estate plan, turn to The Law Offices of Kimberly Butler Rainen for help you can rely on. To schedule a free initial consultation with an estate planning lawyer, call 978-494-6730 or contact us online.

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