Help your parents comfortably transition into assisted living

Get the legal help you need

You love your parents very much. It can be difficult to watch them age. You may be faced with tough decisions. In some cases, your parents may have a plan in place and make their wishes clear. Other times, you may have to have hard conversations with them to think through options. Either way, moving your parents into an assisted living facility can be difficult. Financing can be tough. You know that it is the best solution. You know they will get the care they need. It may be helpful to encourage them to make the best of the situation. You can help them make their new home more comfortable.

Assist them in personalizing their room.

First you will want to get permission. Find out if there are any rules or regulations. Once you know these, you can plan.

  • Think about furniture. Are there small pieces of furniture that can be moved from their current home and into their new room? Measure the room and talk to your parents. A piece from home may have emotional value.
  • Decorate the wall space and/or table tops. You can go through pictures with your parents to find out which ones make them happy. Frame these family pictures and display them in the room. If they have art at home or other trinkets that can be displayed, see if there is a space for them.
  • Change the linens and curtains. You can really make your parents feel more comfortable by having them select their own curtains and bedding.
  • Stock up on photo albums, books, games or other hobby items. The new home will likely have activities that your parents can enjoy, but providing them with the opportunity to continue to do things they currently love can help.

As you help your parents get settled into their new home, you can make them comfortable. When you personalize the room you should consider mobility and safety. Don’t include any items that require specialized care that may be troublesome for staff.

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