Gambling and Inheritances: Protecting Your Child and Your Legacy with a North Shore Trust Lawyer

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Are you planning your estate and worried about how a gambling addiction could affect your child’s inheritance? You’re not alone. Many families face this difficult situation, wanting to provide for their loved ones while ensuring their hard-earned assets are protected. Understandably, you might worry about how to address this sensitive issue without alienating your child. The good news is there are legal solutions that can balance both protection and support.

Understanding the Temptation

Suddenly inheriting a large sum of money can be incredibly tempting, especially for someone struggling with a gambling addiction. The idea of quickly turning a windfall into an even greater fortune can seem like a solution, but sadly, this mentality often spirals into further loss. A trust can be an excellent tool to navigate these situations.

How Trusts Can Help

Trusts offer a flexible way to manage how inheritances are distributed and used. Instead of a lump sum that could be wagered away, a trust can:

  • Release funds gradually over time: This provides ongoing support without overwhelming your child with a large amount of money.
  • Designate funds for specific purposes: This could include housing, education, debt repayment, or other essential needs.
  • Appoint a trustee: This person manages the funds, making payments directly and ensuring your child’s well-being, without giving them direct access to a large sum.

Beyond the Financial

While safeguarding your legacy is crucial, supporting your child’s addiction recovery is equally important. Encourage them to seek professional help while continuing to express your love and support. A North Shore trust lawyer can help integrate considerations for addiction counseling or treatment into your estate plan.

Getting Help

If you’re concerned about leaving an inheritance to a child with a gambling addiction, please contact our firm at (978) 409-1928. We understand the sensitive nature of this issue and are here to help. A North Shore trust lawyer can create an estate plan that offers long-term protection while encouraging your child’s path to recovery.


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