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Like other important things, estate plan needs periodic updating

It's laudable, of course, if you have already expended the necessary time, effort and well-considered thought necessary to craft a soundly tailored and forward-thinking estate plan to provide for your family, lawfully avoid taxes, fund your favorite charity, establish a personal legacy and so forth. Undoubtedly, you felt a sense of accomplishment and relief in the wake of doing so.

Because it's important, and you know that. Now don't be remiss in periodically revisiting your plan and strategies and making material changes when necessary.

No heirs or living spouse: still a need for sound estate planning

Some individuals in Massachusetts and elsewhere across the country likely feel sometimes as though they are standing outside a bubble denoted "estate planning and administration" and contemplating others within it who are timely and rationally taking care of business in that important realm while they are not.

Indeed, that feeling of uncertainty and -- for some people -- agitation regarding planning objectives and implementation is not at all uncommon.

Regulating financial services: estate lawyers and new proposals

Flatly unlike any number of other individuals and business entities that provide clients with important information and represent them in key areas of life involving families, finances, health and other considerations, estate planning attorneys are held to unquestionably high standards.

That is, they can suffer personally adverse consequences if the performance they deliver is deemed substandard or otherwise deficient.

What responsibilities are imposed upon a Massachusetts trustee?

The above headline for today's blog post can be quickly answered in a single word, namely this: lots.

And coupled with that, it certainly merits mention to any person contemplating naming a trustee for an estate matter or who, alternatively, is considering accepting an offer to be a trustee, that the duties imposed upon a trustee can be both material and diverse.

Senate ponders long-term care - America holds its breath

Seldom has so much hung in the balance as the Senate turns its attention to creating its own version of the American Health Care Act, passed last week by a two-vote margin. 

Among the most concerned constituencies are the families of the elderly and disabled who have planned their entire financial future based on existing law.

The broad universe of estate planning: What does it entail?

Paradoxically, it might be conducive to any discussion focused on the parameters of estate planning -- most centrally what it chiefly entails -- to cite immediately what it is not.

And that is this: a narrow area of the law in Massachusetts and nationally that deals almost exclusively with the protection of amassed wealth for older individuals and couples.

Three questions to ask an estate planning lawyer

If you have estate planning needs, chances are that you have searched online for a lawyer or have been given referrals from friends or colleagues. You are wise to be doing your research and asking around. You need to find the best lawyer possible to help protect what you have built and the people you love.

Before selecting someone to handle your estate plan, it is worth interviewing a few different attorneys so that you can make an informed decision about who you want to entrust with your estate. This post will highlight a few helpful questions to ask at the initial consultations.

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