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Estate-wise, this is not exactly what famed rocker intended

What has been written about iconic rock star Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, who died in 1995, literally fills volumes of material. Most descriptors portray the legendary industry figure as a conflict-averse and laid-back person.

Given such a personality, the artist would unquestionably be stunned and dismayed by the persistent battles that have centered on his sizable and diverse estate over the years, were he alive today to ponder what has transpired in the wake of his executor selection.

You've agreed to be estate executor: Now what?

In regard to an executor's duties concerning the estate of an individual who has just passed away, let's just say that they potentially run a wide gamut.

And that owes to the obvious reason that estates differ materially, both as to the details and scope of what might be involved.

Focus: business owners, wealthy families and estate updates

A writer at Forbes magazine whose focus in on articles that discuss "the creation and management of exceptional wealth" says that many top wage and income earners across the United States unquestionably do a good job on the creation prong.

Conversely, though, just as many are making rather dismal efforts in the wealth-management sphere, often neglecting to protect their assets via timely and smart estate planning strategies.

The problem with living wills

Most people know they should make out a living will, telling family members and others how you want to be treated in case you are incapacitated.

For instance, do you want your life to be prolonged using ventilators and feeding tubes, or do you want doctors to just let you go.

Mom and dad getting older: Is financial management now a concern?

At the comprehensive estate planning Law Offices of Kimberly Butler Rainen in Andover, a core component of our knowledgeable and empathetic client representation focuses upon elder care concerns.

There are many of those, of course, which can feature in differing ways depending on what might be happening in a given instance.

20th-century estate planning concern for some: virtual currency

Imagine how you would feel after a loving parent has passed away and you suddenly realized that, notwithstanding mom's or dad's incessant infatuation and endorsement of so-called "virtual currencies" during life, there is no evidence to be found of any such property in estate documents or elsewhere?

Might that make you just a bit concerned?

Jury trial concludes in storied writer's estate litigation clash

Well, it's not The Grapes of Wrath, but it is nonetheless wrath, and it spells mutually directed ire that has soured relations between heirs of best-selling author John Steinbeck for many years.

Steinbeck has been dead for decades, but his classic treatment of potent themes in American life resulted in novels that exploded in popularity during his life and that endure perpetually as riveting classics.

Transfer wealth, lawfully avoid taxes … and declutter

Here's a notable but not often stressed point relevant to estate planning that a New York Times article recently passed along: within a few short years, more than one of every five Americans will reportedly be 65 or older.

And that means this: As scores of millions of senior-aged individuals and couples move from large family homes to smaller dwellings more responsive to their downsized needs, something has to go.

Report on a million bucks underscores need for timely planning

Every thoughtful person from middle age to being on the cusp of retirement might dutifully reflect on the findings of a recent study focused upon what surveys show deeply concerns scores of millions of Americans.

And that is this: retirement money.

Baby-proof the house and secure your child’s future

Modern couples often include couples who live together, but are unmarried. It has become common for couples to live together before ever deciding to marry. When you have live together, you share many things. You and your partner may also have children. In Massachusetts 33.4 percent of children are born to unmarried mothers.

Just because you aren’t married, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to plan ahead for your family’s future. It is especially important that unmarried couples plan for the unexpected.

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